Mission: Time-Travel


Room #1 Mission: Time-Travel

Rogue Agent, Torfinn Engberg is at it again! This time, he has jumped through a time-travel portal, taking him back to 1955. You and your fellow Relic Recovery Agents must follow him back in time to see what he’s up to and stop him from his misdeeds! Does he have a relic? Has he gone back to change the course of time? Perhaps you can locate the relic that allows him to travel through time and secure it before he causes too much trouble!
(Max Guests 8)

Booking Notes

AGES: Please check the “Kids” tab for important information about age restrictions.

PRIVATE ROOMS: A Private Room will guarantee that your party will be in the room playing with no other guests. Once your party reaches 6 guests, no outside guests will be able to book into your room. The Time Travel Discovery room will accommodate up to 8 guests, however each guest is charged for entry.

ARRIVAL TIME: Before gameplay begins, you must check in and receive your mission. This takes approximately 15 minutes, therefore, you will need to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time in order to begin your adventure on time. If you arrive at the exact time of your room, you will be late. In the event that you do not have a private room and others are booked at the same time you have chosen, you will not be permitted to enter the room late.

*If this happens, you will not be refunded, but you may reschedule for a fee.

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