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“l’ve been to escape rooms in the past, and this one beats all others. Challenging and great story line !!” – Jamison B, Trip Advisor

“WOW!!!! What a fun and exciting evening!!! I will most certainly be back!!! This is such fun and should be a MUST on you vacation, weekend or anytime list of things to do!!! I love the boutique in the entry, such a nice variety of items!! The adventure rooms are so much fun and the staff is awesome!!! Do yourself a favor and book you and your friends/family a room now while availability is still an option!!!!” #thisplacerocks – howellt9699, Trip Advisor

“My husband and I went on Friday night – what a fun challenge and great date night! The adventure room scenario was complex but the staff was there to ensure it was fun and you didn’t get frustrated. The incorporation of electronics was amazing. We talked about our adventure all weekend and look forward to trying their other escape rooms.” – Diane M, Trip Advisor

“Step away from your electronic devises and see how smart you are without Google or Siri. The 60 minutes will fly by, but the memory won’t. Great addition for Niceville!!” – Anita W, Trip Advisor

“I had a spur of a moment date idea for my Girlfriend and I and decided to give them a call even though I saw they would be closing within the hour. I spoke to Tonya and she didn’t even mention that they were closing soon, she was very inviting even though us coming meant they’d be opem late. Upon arriving I found a very clean and well put together reception area with a boutique perfect for perusing while waiting or shopping. Tonya introduced us to the backstory of our mission very well and we were off to our room after signing the waivers and paying in less than 10 minutes. The room, or rooms in this case were all very well put together and meticulously crafted to make the best experience I’ve ever had in the type of environment. You do not simply fumble through and under objects looking for keys and hints, they give you a tablet device that you scan various objects with for clues and hints. The technology in these rooms were something you’d imagine seeing in a movie. It was a fantastic experience and the staff were all customer forward and friendly.” – Joel B, Trip Advisor

“This place is amazing!! Challenging and very entertaining!! Definitely coming back!!” – Alan D, Google

“The technology used at this facility is amazing! I felt like I was in a movie! It surely is an adrenaline rush with each clue you come across. Tonya and her staff are super inviting and friendly. There is also a cute boutique up front with some cute items! I had the best time with my boyfriend and will definitely be back. I am telling you right now…this is the best escape room I have ever done and you will feel so accomplished when you complete it. Highly recommend for any occasion!!” – Khristinna I, Facebook

“Thank you to such Great people for bringing this fun filled place to our area. It was challenging and a lot of fun…We look forward to our next trip!!! NW Florida Mosquito Joe, had a blast!!!” – Tiffany T, Facebook

“5 stars from all 5 in our group! Working together to find clues and solve problems was challenging and great fun! The staff and facility were superb!” – Lee R, Facebook

“So much fun! Don’t let “being locked in a room” scare you off, it’s a Blast! Get a group of friends together and have a great time!” – Kris P, Facebook

“[We] had a great time. The people there are great and the boutique up front has a lot of really nice items in it. I can’t wait to go back and do the other rooms! I highly recommend checking them out! It was so much fun. If you are looking for something fun for date night or something to do with the family that is interactive this is definitely the place. As soon as the other rooms open we are booking them for date night.” – Forrest & Sarah T, Facebook